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Major Achievements of the Institution:

  • Established subsequent drug regimen of Sodium Antimony Gluconate for treatment of Kala-azar and saved thousand & thousands of lives.
  • Established Amphotericin B as a drug of choice for Kala-azar
  • Developed easy pattern of diagnosis and treatment of Kala-azar.
  • Confirmed the existing leishmania species in Bihar.
  • Highlighted the Kala-azar problem of our country in World Health Organization (WHO) which resulted in active involvement of WHO in control of the disease in our country thereby supporting the people.
  • Launched several awareness programmes to control Kala-azar in Bihar and neighbouring states.

            The constant support and guidance received for proper development of the Institution from Prof. N. K. Ganguly, Director General, ICMR, Prof. S. Sinha, Director, Dept. of Biotechnology (DBT), Dr. J.P. Narain, WHO (India) Dr. Juntra Karbwang, WHO (Geneva) & other scientists are gratefully acknowledged.

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