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PAHAL - Connecting Change Bihar 2020

Vivek Thakur
Mobile (+91) 98116 07372 / 94310 09196
Email : vivek.pahal@bus.org.in


  • After a long spell of darkness, Bihar today is poised at the threshhold of a change. Perils are many, challenges formidable, but we believe that a new vision and commitment can turn it around. Several initiatives are underway to address the issues of poverty, education, healthcare, infrastructure, social justice, law and order, institutional revival and good governance and have ignited a sense of hope in the people who have reiterated their faith in the leadership. However, special effort is required to sustain the momentum of growth and to realize the vision of ‘development with justice’. Crucial becomes the role of civil society in supplementing state initiatives, and it is against this backdrop that Balaji Utthan Sansthan (BUS), a not for profit institution, is organising a conclave to partner the state’s efforts to chart a viable course of development and secure the participation of the youth in the process.
  • Balaji Utthan Sansthan is registered under the Society Registration Act of 1860, Government of Bihar, and the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Govt. of India. Founded by Dr CP Thakur, an eminent doctor, scientist and parliamentarian, Bajaji Utthan Sansthan has done exemplary work in the field of scientific research on Kala-azar, a scourge that has plagued Bihar and many parts of India. With numerous scientific publications in journals of national and international repute, the organization is also working towards providing better health care to ther rural poor. Other than medical research, the organization has a deep social commitment towards the affected social group, managing prevention programs, organizing workshops and seminars and creating social awareness.
  • The youth of Bihar have done exceedingly well, academically and professionally, in India and abroad and adhered to the highest standards of commitment, work ethic and performance expected in the modern world. This is a highly inspired and enthusiastic young contingent ready to push the bar, cross the boundaries and take on the world. Sadly, the opportunities within the state are hard to come by and these young men and women are forced to venture out where they encounter intense hostility within their own country. The lacuna in quality education and job opportunities has grown bigger over years of neglect and apathy. Why should our children go out when we have the resources to gainfully employ them here? The need of the hour is to review the opportunity landscape within the state, to build up appropriate knowledge and skill base, to align skill and capacity development with the demands of ‘new economy’, to secure robust and stable corporate investment and ignite young minds to think, explore and create new channels of change. They have to learn to connect technology and society and interpret it in a way that they become relevant to each other.
  • Success will not be achieved and sustained through fragmented and isolated interventions. What is required is an over-arching guideline for integrated strategy for rural development, growth and job creation. It calls for a long term, concerted action spanning a wide range of policies and initiating new programs to provide gainful employment to the youth.

The aim of the conclave

  • The conclave is a humble initiative towards creating a collaborative platform for the youth to gain an exposure to the opportunities available in all sectors critical for the state’s development and their meaningful engagement in the same. The conclave is inviting leaders and achievers from all sectors to highlight the opportunities and challenges that confront the various sectors as well as to suggest ways to elicit meaningful involvement of the youth in strengthening the state. The cumulative wealth of experience that the conclave expects to pool in, will motivate and enable the youth of the state to explore, seek and engage in activities that shall eventually harness their creative energy and constructive vigour for overall development of the state of Bihar.

Focus & outcome of the conclave 

  • The conclave focusses on bringing together the biggest and the best minds that have shaped the destiny of new India to help build a new Bihar. 'Pahal' aims to provide a platform to all who acknowledge the potential of Bihar, but till now have shied away from lending a helping hand.
  • Initiatives such as 'Pahal' intend to provide the right direction to the youth so that he successfully avails the opportunities opening up across sectors like IT & ITES, Infrastructure sectors like Telecom, Power, Oil and Natural Gas, Education, Banking & Insurance, Marketing and Retail Management, Development Sector, Law and Media in India and abroad. It also aims to facilitate direct interaction with the pioneers in the various sectors.
  •  ‘Pahal', an initiative of Balaji Utthan Sansthan aims to ignite young minds to think, to believe and to excel in life. However this commitment to excellence has to extend beyond self and shape the future of a strong and vibrant Bihar.
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